Shane Vandegrift

aka Vandesm14

About Me

Hello! I am a 18 yo. MERN full-stack web developer. I have been programming for about 4 years now. I mostly work on interactive websites, full-stack utility applications, and a few games here and there. I am very diligent and I specialize in managing large ideas. I enjoy the frontend mostly as it's the end I first started with, but I can also manage the backend of a web application just as well (hence Full Stack).

You can find my blog here:


My setup looks a bit like this: VSCode for the IDE, Github for the source control, Fork for the git interface, ClickUp for the task management, and Heroku/ for the hosting services. It's a pretty common setup (although most use AWS instead of Heroku). The newest addition to my setup is an outliner called Dynalist.



For a while on, there was a boom in shared chatroom applications. I decided to contribute to this explosion of popular chatrooms by creating my own. I made a super simple one which was a direct clone off of the example with a few tweaks here and there. I then redid the server-side to support logless chatting, which made it super stable as there was no filesystem interaction. A few months later I wanted to make another chatroom which was secure, simple, and fast (everything that the other one wasn't in terms of code). I set out on developing LowChat, a super simple and a kind of wysiwyg application.

You can find the program here:

During my first week of High School, I had a hard time adapting to the new bell schedule (I was still used to the one in middle school). I kept myself in the know by inserting the current period's end time into a countdown timer. This worked surprisingly well, except for the fact that is was not automated. I though to myself "Why can't this be automated? It's a super simple task, just countdown to the end of each period". So that's what I did. I have happily recieved tons of feedback and support from over 400 users. Despite number being a bit low (my high school has about 3,000 students + teachers), I know that this will grow over time as my app grows. Currently, I have been working hard to create a unified version for any school to use. This is still in the making, but it is definatly a promising concept!

You can find the program here:


A blog is a very important site to have if you're a developer. It's a great place to share your experiences and discoveries with the world. But a blog is not only important for a content creation experience, it's also a large step for learning full-stack development. I have tried 4 different times to create a custom blog which was right for me. Each time I'd create one, it'd either go silent after a week, or not be enough to suit my needs. My current blog, however, is a combination of research and planning to create the blog that I need. This new blog has sections which are basically just copied and pasted into the code. This blog marks the milestone in my career as a programmer because it's the first time I've used server-side dynamic rendering.

You can find my blog here: